Carla McNeil, LCSW

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Hypnotherapy is not about losing control or doing things you would not normally do. Hypnotherapy is about solving problems, including:

* Stress  *Overeating  * Depression  * Relationship problems  * Anger  * Fears  * Phobias  * Headaches or migraines  * Recurring negative thoughts  * Sexual dysfunction  * Faulty sports performance  * PTSD  * Limiting habits  * Epileptic seizures  * Dependency on drugs  * Lack of confidence or motivation

Hypnosis is the most comfortable and relaxed state there is. You are always aware, you are able to talk, and you remember everything about the experience when finished.  There is no need to re-live a past trauma to heal; you can experience the root cause of your problems in a safe, comfortable way, or even without conscious knowledge, if you desire.

With hypnosis, many people experience huge spiritual realizations, feel intensely connected to their source, and feel the weight of problems lifted. Many find totally new perspectives and have "ah ha!" moments. Hypnosis is a way to get to the unconscious mind (which controls behavior) where other ineffective attempts to change through willpower have been impossible. Changes happen automatically.

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